Wantage Neighbourhood Plan

Wantage Neighbourhood Plan

Updated Draft Wantage Neighbourhood Plan

The Town Council has finalised updates to the draft Wantage Neighbourhood Plan. The original Plan was rejected by an inspector in 2016 relating to the proposed town centre and greenspaces policies. The updated Plan has been modified to amend or remove the policies that were deemed unacceptable. All other policies remain unchanged from the document published in 2016 and the updated  version of the  Plan published and informally consulted upon in November 2020. No new policies have been added. More information on the role of the Plan in the planning processes, and a copy of the updated Plan, can be accessed  here.

The Town Council has completed formal consultations under Regulation 14 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.   

The next steps are the development of a Basic Conditions Statement and a Consultation Statement, both of which are required in order to submit the plan to the Vale. These documents are currently being prepared.

After submission the Vale will undertake a Regulation 16 consultation and will arrange for an independent examination