Wantage Town Council’s Mission Statement

At its meeting on 11 October 2021 the Town Council adopted the following Mission Statement:

The mission of Wantage Town Council is for our historic town and surrounding area to be a safe, accessible, attractive, sustainable and rewarding place to live work and visit.

To achieve this the Council, its Mayor and its elected Councillors aim to:

• ensure that the Council’s own actions are carbon neutral by 2030, and to complement and support other activities that lead to a reduction of carbon footprint through implementing our Climate Action Plan.
• create and encourage community projects etc. that keep environmental matters in peoples hearts and stimulate conversation.
• enhance the leisure opportunities of the Manor Road Memorial Park in an environmentally friendly way.
• support local organisations that make a significant contribution to the town and townspeople.
• advocate better public transport links to and from Wantage and enhance cycle routes and personal mobility routes in and around the town.
• use our best efforts to influence planning decisions – including future housing development – to ensure what is built respects the character of Wantage and brings benefit for its people.
• maintain effective communication with the town as a whole – informing, seeking opinions and listening.

Adopted 11 October 2021