COVID-19 – Seeking information or advice?

In these difficult times a number of town councillors are happy to offer whatever help and advice they can provide to members of our community.

Contact details are:

Councillor Andy Crawford – email:
Telephone 01235 772134
Mobile 07427 880274

Councillor Angela Dunford

Councillor Amos Duveen email:
Mobile 07791 512019

Councillor Jenny Hannaby  email:
Telephone 01235 767056
Mobile 07736 893148

Councillor Tony Gilhome email:
Mobile 07843 632728

Councillor Alistair Menzies
Mobile 07825948043

Councillor Chris Walters email:

Councillor Caroline Wills Wright email:

For websites providing a range of information relating to COVID-19 see